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Is an Android "Service" considered a process or a thread according to operating system?

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A Service can be implemented as a separate process depending on the requirement. Here is a good explanation when to implement the service as a separate process or as a component inside an existing app (Service with Activities in same process).

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It is neither, any more than an activity is "a process or a thread".

All components of an Android application run inside a process and by default utilize one main application thread. You can create your own threads as needed.

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Service is not a process nor a thread. Its a part of the process and a main thread. Like all other components - service runs in the main thread.. Lets say - your application has an Activity and a Service then your Application is a unix process which has a process id (pid) and runs in a instance of DVM... Process spawns a first thread which is main thread.. All your application components runs in main thread by default - you can call separate thread to do parallel jobs.

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Well, processes host services in the Android OS, so it's not a process. Maybe have a look at the definition of a Service for more details...

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