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i am a newby to drupal. here is my problem: on my main page.tpl.php i have this code lines:

"if ( $is_front == TRUE ) {

print views_embed_view('all_product_by_type_thin', "default", "canon");

print views_embed_view('all_product_by_type_thin', "default", "Nikon");


as you can see, in case of the front page i print the "all_product_by_type_thin" view while sending parameter "cannon" and "nikon"

the result of the all_product_by_type_thin view is altered inside the views-view-unformatted--all_product_by_type_thin.tpl.php file. in that file i am wrapping the view results in all kind of divs. what i need to do though, and cant figure out a way to do it, is get the argument i sent the view "canon" or "nikon" inside the php code of views-view-unformatted--all_product_by_type_thin.tpl.php any idea ?

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Inside your Views theme file ie. views-view-unformatted--all_product_by_type_thin.tpl.php you should have access to the $view object.

One of the attributes of this object will contain the arguments passed to the view. You can do a print_r and find this attribute and hence, the arguments.

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thanks amar. saved me valuable time – Oded Oct 20 '10 at 18:41

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