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I am new to git (been using svn and mercurial for awhile). Is there a way to 'tag' my git repository? Something like tagging it "version 12, removed red square.". I'd like to pull the source state at the time the tag was added, if I ever need to revert to a known snapshot of the code. Is it possible? Would be cool, if a year from now, I'm looking through my repo and can see all my tags, and pull out the code at different states during development,

Thank you

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Let me Google that for you. – dgnorton Oct 20 '10 at 17:24

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The command is git tag, read about it with git help tag.

Next time use git help -a to find the obvious answer.

Even if you don't have a tag, you can always go through git log, find the commit you're interested in, and git checkout (or git tag) it.

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