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I am using CXF generated code to connect to a remote web service over SSL and through a corporate proxy. The code works fine when the connection is established through the Java API and all SSL settings are set as system properties as follows.

System.setProperties("https.proxyHost", "");
System.setProperties("https.proxyPort", "8001");
System.setProperties("", "pkcs12");
System.setProperties("", "C:/keystore.p12");
System.setProperties("", "keypassword");
System.setProperties("", "C:/cacerts");
System.setProperties("", "capassword");

MyWebService_Service ss = new MyWebService_Service(wsdlUrl, SERVICE_NAME);
MyWebService service = ss.getMyWebServicePort();

Using this code I can now call the service methods and everything works as expected. My problems occur when I try to set up the same configuration with Spring, which is our preferred approach since we are already using Spring extensively.

My Spring config:

<!-- relevant snippet from spring context -->

<import resource="classpath:META-INF/cxf/cxf.xml" />
<import resource="classpath:META-INF/cxf/cxf-extension-soap.xml" />
<import resource="classpath:META-INF/cxf/cxf-extension-http.xml" />

<jaxws:client id="webservice" serviceName="myns:MyWebService" endpointName="myns:MyWebServicePort"
     serviceClass="com.mycomp.MyWebService" />

<http:conduit name="{myns}MyWebServicePort.http-conduit">
   <http:tlsClientParamenters disableCNCheck="true" secureSocketProtocol="TLS">
         <sec:keyStore type="JKS" password="capassword" file="c:/cacerts" />
         <sec:keyStore type="pkcs12" password="keypassword" file="c:/keystore.p12" />
   <http:client ProxyServer="" ProxyServerPort="8001" />

In both cases, the web service client is deployed within a web application. In the second case, access to the web service results in a Received fatal alert: bad_certificate

Edit: I am using CXF version 2.2.

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Have you tried adding the next property to your client parameters?


Looks like this:

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