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In sharepoint 2010 I need to be able to set a review date on a document and be emailed when this review date is reached. Is this possible?

Thanks for any pointers

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I would create a very simple Workflow for this. You could just fire up Sharepoint Designer, create a small Workflow which checks whether the document in question has been reviewed and otherwise send an e-mail or a task to some person. Try out Sharepoint Designer & Workflows if you haven't done so. Reminders are a very easy thing to do.

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This answer details a few different ways to do this - workflow, scheduled jobs, open source and commercial add-ons.

Dated reminders in sharepoint calendars

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To make it the most robust solution, I would suggest to customize the Alerts framework of SharePoint. SharePoint allows following customizations (as documented here

  • Adding or removing buttons from the alert e-mails.
  • Changing the cascading style sheet used to format e-mail alerts. This is particularly useful for sites that want to create a consistent appearance.
  • Changing the latency of "immediate" alerts by adjusting the default timer interval.
  • Override the templates used to create e-mail or SMS alerts, either by creating a new template or by setting the SPList.AlertTemplate property.
  • Creating custom filters by using Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML) queries in the element in the alert templates.
  • Programmatically setting or changing the mobile messaging service provider (MSP) that forwards SMS alerts to mobile telephones.
  • Adding custom event handlers that respond when a user creates or modifies an alert. Also, custom handlers that respond to the alert sending event can be created.
  • Programming the alerts framework by using the SharePoint Foundation object model. For more information about how to customize alerts programmatically, see SPAlert.

If your list supports sending alerts based on a View, you are lucky, A NO CODE SOLUTION is already there for you. You can create a View with filter condition like "DueDate is equal to [Today]" (and possibly "AssignedTo is equal to [Me]) and then subscribe to any changes to that view.

If you end up with custom alert filter, following links may get you started:

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I don't think you can set an Alert on a view if the view contains filters - so your "No Code" solution won't work (at least on a test 2007 and 2010 system I've got in front of me). – Ryan Nov 9 '10 at 18:40
It may not be due to filter but some restrictions with Document Libraries I think. Because I was able to setup alerts in filtered views of the Tasks list. – Ashish Patel Nov 9 '10 at 18:57
It doesn't work and the reason is that you will only get an alert if someone changes the item WHILE it's in the "Due Today" view. e.g. set up a task for tomorrow and wait for 1 day. You will not get the alert. – Ryan Jan 7 '11 at 10:54

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