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Surprizing little documentation on setting this up, so I'm sure this is a setup problem.

Steps to reproduce: Open terminal (p4.exe in PATH) type p4 [RET]

Hangs indefinitely. When I issue commands from emacs (ie p4 edit [file] it eventually comes back with

Perforce client error:
 Connect to server failed; check $P4PORT.
 TCP connect to perforce failed.
 perforce: host unknown.
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The error message that is displayed when called from emacs points in the right direction, p4 can't find your perforce server (the default is perforce, that's where the perforce: host unknown comes from.

Make sure to either specify -p for your call to p4 or set the environment variable P4PORT. Beware, despite the name, P4PORT includes the hostname of the perforce server.

p4 -p serverhost:1666

I'm not sure why p4 would hang indefinitely on the CLI and return after some time when called from emacs.

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The actual problem was that .perforce needs to be in your home directory and I was pointing to 5550 instead of 1666 –  Drew Nov 13 '10 at 20:09

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