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For F# mode in emacs, one need the following line in .emacs. The problem is that because of space between file path, C-c C-s doesn't work.

(setq fsharp-compiler "C:/Program Files/Microsoft F#/v4.0/fsc.exe")

I had to copy the F# compilers to the directory that doesn't have space in its file path.

(setq fsharp-compiler "C:/app/fsharp/fsc.exe")

How to run a process that has a space in its path name with emacs?

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First, make sure you have a recent version of the F# mode (that was a bug fixed in June). Then, follow the instructions in the README file!

This line is given as an example: (setq fsharp-compiler "\"c:\\Program Files\\Microsoft F#\\v4.0\\Fsc.exe\"")

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(setq fsharp-compiler "\"c:/Program Files/Microsoft F#/v4.0/Fsc.exe\"") also works. Thanks for the answer. –  prosseek Oct 20 '10 at 21:06

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