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I am ussing to recover a property from an object User in the session. The following expression works correctly:

<s:property value="#session.ATRB_SESSION_USER.getAttribute('ATTRIBUTE_USER_NAME')"/>

but those strings ATRB_SESSION_USER and ATTRIBUTE_USER_NAME are constatns defined in a class. How can I use the constant instead of the string? I'd like to do something like this

<s:property value="#session.<%=Constants.ATRB_SESSION_USER%>.getAttribute(<%=Constants.ATTRIBUTE_USER_NAME%>)"/>

Anyone knows how can I do that? TIA

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You can use @class@field OGNL syntax to refer to static fields. The class name in @class should be fully qualified.

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So something like this should work? <s:if test="#session.@com.spb.mvc.util.Constants@.ATRB_SESSION_USER != null "> – Jose L Martinez-Avial Oct 20 '10 at 22:13
yes, that should work. – Purush Rudrakshala Oct 20 '10 at 22:30

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