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So, now I've figured out how to make multiple of the same object correctly, I need to know how to make an array of them, changing depending on how many are needed, because it is pretty much an object, that stores 3 numbers. How can I Create an arraylist that is of different objects, because I'm going to have the numbers inside them different

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@down voter(s): this is a normal programming question. Everything we need to answer it was said by the author. So why did you vote it down? If this isn't a place where beginners can ask for help, whats this QA-Site about? You (the down voter) had started programming once, too! – WarrenFaith Oct 20 '10 at 22:35
well said WarrenFaith – Nidhin_toms Mar 25 '14 at 12:55
@WarrenFaith Yes, we need to have this frame of mind here. This is not a site for experts only to dwell on NP problems. – Arash Saidi Apr 7 '14 at 15:45
SO should indeed also help beginners, but things questions like this are answered in about a 1000 turials... sorry, 100.000 – Kukeltje Feb 15 at 20:37
You're right, and if you notice the timestamp on this question, this was asked over 6 years ago, how did you end up on this in the first place at all? Let alone not even consider the fact that tutorials are much much more abundant these days than they were then – Samuel Feb 25 at 21:43
ArrayList<Matrices> list = new ArrayList<Matrices>();
list.add( new Matrices(1,1,10) );
list.add( new Matrices(1,2,20) );
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How to Creating an Arraylist of Objects.

Create an array to store the objects:

ArrayList<MyObject> list = new ArrayList<MyObject>();

In a single step:

list.add(new MyObject (1, 2, 3)); //Create a new object and adding it to list. 


MyObject myObject = new MyObject (1, 2, 3); //Create a new object.
list.add(myObject); // Adding it to the list.
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