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In my crystal report, I noticed one of the fields being pulled from a table has special characters. More specifically carriage returns and tabs. Is there a way to strip this out, so it doesn't show up blank in my reports?

Thanks in advance.

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FYI, if you want to remove tabs, the Chr code for that is Chr(9). –  sunk818 Sep 11 '13 at 18:51

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This should do it:

stringvar output := {TABLE_NAME.FIELD_NAME};
output := Trim(output);  //get rid of leading & trailing spaces
output := Replace(output,Chr(13),'');  //get rid of line feed character
output := Replace(output,Chr(10),'');  //get rid of carriage return character

//add any other special characters you want to strip out.

If you have a lot of characters to strip out, you can use this slightly fancier approach. Just add whatever characters you want to strip out to the in[]:

stringvar input := {DROPME.TEST_FIELD};
stringvar output := '';
numbervar i;

input := Trim(input);

for i := 1 to Length(input) Step 1 do
  if not(input[i] in [Chr(13),Chr(10)]) then
    output := output + input[i];

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awesome.. it works. thanks! –  phill Dec 29 '08 at 19:22
I used Chr(13) & Chr(10) together since I want to converted a Windows/DOS carriage return to a HTML <br>. The top formula worked for that purpose as well. :) –  sunk818 Sep 11 '13 at 18:48

I used the second loop as have a lot of data with line feeds and carriage returns, saved me heaps of pages as the users place plenty of these in the data to space it out, for the people that want the report they do not. Awesome, saved me nearly half the pages in the data I was dealing with.

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