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Im using networkx for visualization. I see when I use the function draw_networkx_edge_labels I can retrieve the labels for edges.

I want to print the attribute on node ( instead of the label).. try everything almost . still stuck. If i have 5 attributes per node, is there anyway I can print a specific attribute on each node ? For example, if a car node has attributes: size, price, company, .. I want to print the size of the car on each node ?

Don't know whether can output this on graph.

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You can do it by specifying the labels= keyword - it is a bit clumsy. e.g:

In [1]: import pylab

In [2]: import networkx as nx

In [3]: G=nx.Graph()

In [4]: G.add_node('Golf',size='small')

In [5]: G.add_node('Hummer',size='huge')

In [6]: G.add_edge('Golf','Hummer')

In [7]: labels=dict((n,d['size']) for n,d in G.nodes(data=True))

In [8]: labels
Out[8]: {'Golf': 'small', 'Hummer': 'huge'}

In [9]: nx.draw(G,labels=labels,node_size=1000)

In [10]: pylab.show()
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Thanks I fixed it :) –  SDR Dec 16 '10 at 23:03

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