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What are good ways of building groups/folders?

I've tried by feature (UI for a feature plus model etc) with a common group. I've also tried by UI, model, etc.

The former keeps like things together which fits the iPhone paradigm nicely. The latter means I jump around a bit more.

What do you think?

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I alway use the structure of this.

This is another interesting link.

Also, you can download a good example project of akosma here.

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And maybe you have to look up the MVC pattern – meersmans Oct 21 '10 at 21:33

It's going to be very project dependent. In my last project I had mostly views, and so I organized the views by view-type.

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The standard Xcode MVC folder structure is as follows.

1. CoreData : Contains DataModel and Entity Classes.

2. Extension : Contain One class(default apple class extensions+project class extensions.)

3. Helper: Contain Third Party classes/Frameworks (eg. SWRevealController) + Bridging classes (eg. Obj C class in Swift based project)

4. Model : Make a singleton class (eg.AppModel - NSArray,NSDictionary, String etc.) for saving data. The Web Service Response parsing and storing data is also done here.

5. Services : Contain Web Service processes (eg. Login Verification, HTTP Request/Response)

6. View : Contain storyboard, LaunchScreen.XIB and View Classes. Make a sub folder Cells -  contain UitableviewCell, UICollectionView Cell etc.

7. Controller: Contain Logic or Code related to UIElements (eg. UIButton’s reference+ clicked action)
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