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there`s a problem using the jQuery Range Slider plugin. I want to trigger an event every time the slider changed.

I don`t know on which elemt i can trigger events. For exmaple i wana have an alert message ro see if it works.



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There are 4 possible events you can use. Look under events in the docs ==>

You can use the

  1. start
  2. slide
  3. change
  4. stop


If you want to do a function everytime the slider is changed try change.

Let's say your slide is an element with id of slider:

$(function() {    // <== doc ready

    $( "#slider" ).slider({
       change: function(event, ui) {
           // Do your stuff in here.

           // You can trigger an event on anything you want:

           // Or you can do whatever else/

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