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What is the standard way to do BDD in VS2010?

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SpecFlow or Cuke4Nuke.

Here's a link to the advantages and disadvantages of both projects: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2113936/cuke4nuke-or-specflow

SpecFlow is probably what you're asking for. It's advantages (I lifted this from the aforementioned article):

  • A pure .NET solution (so no installation of Ruby is necessary and Ruby is not involved at runtime)
  • There is a basic integration with VisualStudio (and there are plans to evolve this)
  • Scenarios are basically UnitTests and can be run with your existing infrastructure (NUnit.Runners, ReSharper, VisualStudio MSTest Integration ...)
  • Scenarios and steps are easily debuggable out of VisualStudio (just set a breakpoint)
  • Integration in your continuous build should be a breeze, since the infrastructure to run unit-tests is most certainly there already

Almighty Steve Sanderson has a blog post about using SpecFlow for BDD in Asp.Net MVC: http://blog.stevensanderson.com/2010/03/03/behavior-driven-development-bdd-with-specflow-and-aspnet-mvc/

Here's the SpecFlow homepage: http://specflow.org/

Good luck!

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