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"svn status --xml" prints all files status and it's more much useful than parsing "svn status" output.

Is there a list of all possible tags/sections in XML file and their values? I can read SVN sources but its time consuming and a dirty method :).

Thank you!

ADD: is it possible to find clean map from "svn status --xml" values to "svn status" status characters also?

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I've found Schema file for status command so its a fast answer.

File placed in SVN source tree there:

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It is available here:

The list for the current trunk of SVN is:

  • added
  • conflicted
  • deleted
  • external
  • ignored
  • incomplete
  • merged
  • missing
  • modified
  • none
  • normal
  • obstructed
  • replaced
  • unversioned
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