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Consider the code below. I need to remove the error which is coming because of Locate. Please help me to do the same.

public virtual void updateZeroPointLast(Decimal bdID)
    if (!qdsErosionElSave.Open)
    // Locate the row to update
    DataRow dr = qdsErosionElSave.Tables["erosionelement"].NewRow();
    dr["EL_ID"] = bdID;
    if (qdsErosionElSave.locate(dr, Locate.FIRST))
        // Update qdsErosionElSave
        DateTime tsZeroPoint = qdsErosionElSave.getTimestamp("ZEROPOINT");
        Console.WriteLine(bdID + " " + tsZeroPoint.ToString());
        qdsErosionElSave.setTimestamp("ZEROPOINTLAST", tsZeroPoint);;


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what is the error ? – FosterZ Oct 21 '10 at 5:38
Hi.Thanks for you reply qdsErosionEISlave is QueryDataset : private QueryDataSet qdsErosionElSave = new QueryDataSet(); – user437890 Oct 21 '10 at 5:38
error is Locate doesn't exist – user437890 Oct 21 '10 at 5:40
have you used F12 key in Visual Studio or righ click on the locate fuction and select 'GO to Definition' option. – TalentTuner Oct 21 '10 at 7:17

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Is Locate.First null? I'd check that.

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