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i am beginner of creating web services in java.i saw there are many ways create webservices in java.i am confused by seeing that and all .pl help which one is better. i am using myeclipse ide.

Thanks in advance


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You have to choose the stack you want to use. You can choose the JAX-WS or Axis implementations of WS. I advice you JAX-WS that is implemented in EJB3 app server too. What kind of Application Server do you want to use? GlassFish, Jboss Nativestack, Metro?

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for this we need only app server or shal i use tomcat –  Aswan Oct 21 '10 at 9:38
Tipically if you use Jboss it has a Web Application Server inside and you do not worry about it. Deploy WS onto JBoss is very simple... –  robob Oct 21 '10 at 13:11

I've used JAX-WS for exposing a EJB3 bean as webservice.,With the use of simple annotations we can expose a service.After annotating just deploy the application in JBOSS (I used JBOOS-5).,It has JBOOS-WS tool to produce a WSDL file.Thats it then all you need a client to test a web service.,

Look at this link

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I've been using Eclipse Java EE, glassfish and EJB3's. That's the easiest way I've found so far. I have not tried MyEclipse.

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thankq for your reply i have experience on myeclipse –  Aswan Oct 21 '10 at 5:57

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