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I am working with Social Engine which is based on Zend Framework and Smarty Templates.

I need to make custom functionality for profile page, where I need Ajax based Dynamic Country / State / City selections like

Dropdown for Country -> on selection of some country, State will display belonging to selected country and State selection -> related Cities will display. I have separate tables for my country/state and city.

Anybody can help us or can provide some reference / examples for the same?

I don't know, how to make Ajax calls and render my views with this !

Regards !

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See code below:

giving code from my project loads segment, sub-segments of ship type. same as country ,state

first make parent drop down as usual like this :


  echo $this->formSelect('segment','none',array('class' => 'select-advanced', 'width' => '250'),$this->arrInput['shiptype']);  


here arrInput['shiptype'] is from controllar

make a div for child drop down on ur form

Now put below jquery code on ur form:


var base_path = "<?php echo $this->baseUrl();?>/";


var segId=document.getElementById('segment').value;

                 url:  base_path + "search/subseg/",
                data: "segId="+segId,
                type: 'GET',
             success: function (resp) { document.getElementById('subsegdiv').innerHTML=resp;},
               error: function(e){  alert('Error: '+e);  }  

now for child drop dowm in yor controllar make a action :

public function subsegAction()
        $request = $this->getRequest();
        $objShiptype = new Shiptype();   
            $this->getResponse()->setHeader('Content-Type', 'text/javascript');


now make a view for above action:

make html drop down (child) using html take data from subseg controller

here refer segment = country subseg = state

for city follow same make a action and view and jquery code again.

If not clear u are free to ask. I have donw this task. It's tricky :)

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