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I am trying to use Setup project. Want my setup to create a desktop shortcut with my application. I donot understand how to do it. Clicked on User's desktop, I created Shortcut to User's desktop, changed the properties Target and Working Folder as 'Application Folder' But it does not connect with MyApplication.exe When I ran the setup and tested Desktop short cut, it took me to the folder where application was installed, instead of running the application.

How to make the application run using this shortcut? Thanks Furqan

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Not completely clear, but this

changed the properties Target and Working Folder as 'Application Folder'

suggests you have set Target as Application Folder. Target should instead be set as your exe - by setting Target you set what the shortcut actually does.

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I must be late but since this question has no answer i think i should post the solution i faced same problem but after little tick tac here and there solved this issue here you should do

  1. select the shortcut in user's desktop folder, look for the property of that shortcut "Target" it should be "Primary Output" if not then delete the shortcut
  2. right click and "create new shortcut"
  3. in "select item in project" window , open Application Folder select "Primary output from 'your_project_name ' (Active)"

and done (change shortcut name description icon as per your need)

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