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I'd like to add 15 minutes to Time Object, so that 09:46 would become 10:01.

 Time time = new Time();
 time.hours = 9;
 time.minutes = 46;
 time.minute += 15;

This doesn't work... :-/

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In what way does it not work?

If the problem is you're ending up with 61 minutes, you should call Time.normalize(boolean ignoreDst) to fix it.

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Ok that did it, thanks! :) –  cody Oct 21 '10 at 14:30

Take a look at Joda Time

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seems like a useful alternative! thanks for the hint :) –  cody Oct 21 '10 at 14:35

Current library time libraries in Java are troublesome. As mentioned, you better use Joda Time, especially if you are making time computation. Here is your code using Joda.

DateTime fromEpoch = new DateTime(0)

DateTime fromNow = DateTime.now()

More details on DateTime here:


In the upcoming Java 8 a new Joda like time library will be introduced to fill the need:


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