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I am having an issue regarding the svn fetcher of OpenEmbedded/bitbake. When I use:




bitbake won't do anything. It just waits after:

NOTE: Fetch
Authentication realm: <https://DOMAIN.de:443> svn/src/www

I tried typing in my password or username then password but nothing happens. After I cancel with Control-C I get a prompt on the command line:

Password for 'USERNAME':

Can someone please give me a hint on solving this? Switching to http or svn+ssh is not an option in my company.

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The parameters should be user= and pswd=, e.g.:

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Try setting up a .netrc file in your home directory containing the username and password to your server. Bitbake uses wget to fetch files, which in turn reads .netrc for passwords.

For example, you could add to your ~/.netrc file a single line:

machine example.com login john.smith password ABC123

to inform wget to login to example.com with username john.smith and password ABC123.

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