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I want to implement video conferencing functionaality in iPhone SDK.....

For this VMobile Mobile Video Conference Call Specification:
--- for Video support we need :

  1. H.263
  2. H.264
  3. MPEG4

Can u suggest any source code to implement the above video compressing technologies in our application

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2 Answers 2

Absolute best projects to look at.

The first one (VLC) has actually been ported to iPad (so I've heard).

This project implements libavcodec, which has native decode support for H264, and supports H264 encode through support of the project in the above link.

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FFmpeg is a widely used library - see discussion on codza for iPhone porting details. Do be aware that, depending on compile options, FFmpeg license is GPL or LGPL - see this SO discussion about FFmpeg distribution.

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