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Recently I am facing the following problems in provisioning. anybody has idea or solutions ?

  1. previously i used to set up certificate and profiles in one machine and then export the certificate and import that certificate [doulble click] and install that profile [double click] . it used to work great. Now when i import the certificate it either says not successful or the certificate says "This certificate is not vlid yet" in red color. Only when i create a csr from that machine and download corresponding certificate from dev portal, then only it works, has export mechanism changed recently ?

  2. i had installed iphone sdk 3.1.3 in a use and ipad sdk 3.2 in another user's /user/documents/ directory. now how can i uninstall theis second install ? i dont see uninstall-devtools in documents directory or in any other directory there of

  3. what is the ideal sdk to install my app to ipad 3.2.2 ? the 3.2 sdk says "no provisioned iphone device found" 4.0 says "too high version". is the process a little broken for rcent ipad releases ?


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