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I built a PHP application using Drupal and I want it to run under the same domain where Rails is running. So for example I have mysite.com running on Ruby on Rails, I would like to install and run Drupal in mysite.com/my_drupal_application.

I tried creating a subfolder inside rails , on the same level as apps and models directories but that did not worked. I tried moving creating a subfolder in the public directory too but it didnt worked either.

Maybe rails is confusing the url to be calling a controller? So what else should i do then?

Thanks a lot!

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do not mix the directories at all, use your vhost config to declare whats what, look at the alias directive –  Hannes Oct 21 '10 at 10:54

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Both Drupal and rails have their own routing logic. Drupal stores it in both the database and the hook_menu, rails has it defined in the router.rb. They will conflict at some point.

So, the advice is to run your Drupal app on either a different subdomain, defined in a virtual-host. Alternatively you can define vhosts that define urls where your rails and Drupal app run. You should run them next to one another, and never inside one another.

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Right. I ended up putting Drupal in it's own directory under a sub domain. –  r2b2 Nov 1 '10 at 9:41

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