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The following code example fails randomly on some PC's. On other PC's the problem cannot be reproduced. All PC's are running .NET 3.5 SP1 on Vista SP1.

string connection = @"Data Source=PCNAME\SQLEXPRESS;Database=TestDatabase ;User Id=sa;Password=ThePassword;";

TestDatabase db = new TestDatabase (connection);

if (!db.DatabaseExists())

DatabaseExists() returns false but CreateDatabase() throws this Exception:

System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Database 'TestDatabase ' already exists. Choose a different database name.

The documentation states that DatabaseExists() returns true if the database exists and can be opened.

What could cause the database not to be available?

EDIT: The database server is SQL Server Express 2008

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It could be a rights issue, i.e. the database exists but you don't have permission to open it. That would return a false and also the exception you provided.

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The strange thing is that the problem comes and goes on some machines. I.e. one moment it fails the next its succeeds. –  Fedearne Oct 21 '10 at 11:55
Is that on successive executions of your code, without doing anything (and I mean anything) in between? If so then it's very odd indeed. –  Lazarus Oct 21 '10 at 11:59
I do during startup of an application. If i get the error - i just restart the application and i usually works right away. –  Fedearne Oct 21 '10 at 12:11
Very odd, it's effectively looking as though DatabaseExists is nondeterministic. –  Lazarus Oct 21 '10 at 12:27

Just created a simple Windows Application with the following code...

       string connection = @"Data Source=.\SQLEXPRESS;Database=TestDatabase;Integrated Security=True";

        LinqToSQLDataContext dc = new LinqToSQLDataContext(connection);

        if (!dc.DatabaseExists())

Ensure that there was no database with the name TestDatabase. As the code works as expected. The only difference in my case is that I am use Integrated Security. Of course, this is not the complete code, and I would get an error as expected at dc.CreateDatabase as follows...

alt text

Hence, I can confirm that the code is good. It looks like you don't have enough perms on the server.

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Could it be a multi-user race condition?

User1: test database existance (false)
User2: test database existance (false)
User1: create database
User2: create database (exception!)
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It's a good theory, but the database already exists, when the app starts. –  Fedearne Oct 22 '10 at 11:26
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The connection issues are caused by the AUTO_CLOSE property was set to true. This is default for all SQL Server Express 2008 databases.

Setting this feature to off solved the issue:


Because AUTO_CLOSE stops the database after 30 seconds idle time, this also solved other unexplained database-related errors in the application.

More info on AUTO_CLOSE

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