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I have been tasked with creating a infosite for people with varying degrees of learning difficulty.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any really good guides, tutorials or places to get advice regarding the issue.

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In addition to resources mentioned in other answers, here are some that I refer to:

Each of these contains links to other useful resources as well.

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This is a great resource; the one I refer to for sites I create.

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The CEUD (here in Ireland) has actually got some excellent resources for accessibility in ICT. It's well worth a look for any developer.

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For web applications, my favorite "killer site" is the WebAIM site. ( I drew on their site heavily while creating the accessibilty guidelines we use at my current organization.

Things I really like about WebAIM: They have created the "WAVE toolbar," an automated tool for checking your website for basic accessibility issues. They periodically do a screen reader usage survey-- I've found no one else that has comparable data compiled over a number of years. They have simplified versions of official accessibility checklists. They are located at a University and are constanty testing and updating their guidelines.

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