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Now this is an example of a search on my website :


Now,The first thing what i want to do is rewrite all the searches which are being done into something like this : (using .htacess)


And the second thing is i want to add a PHP code in this page such that when this search is done ie. when http://engine.searchr.us/web-search/search/TEST-SEARCH.html is loaded it automatically copies the the current search "TEST-SEARCH.html" as a file and saves it in http://engine.searchr.us/SAVED-SEARCHES/TEST-SEARCH.html

So how do I do that ?

Thanking You, 5416339

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Think twice about doing this. This is a typical way warez/malware-propagating fake search engines operate. You are basically trying to convert your search terms into a page, which does not hold any real content, just search results. This is bad, because search engines (and visitors) will believe it has content, while in fact it has none. This is frustrating and will scare your visitors immediately. –  Palantir Oct 21 '10 at 12:22
Its not malware mate.Its just a search ... –  5416339 Oct 21 '10 at 12:46

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