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Hi I am using CTaskDialog class in my MFC application. I am trying to customize it. In this if i want to add hyperlinks, as of now there is no specific provision for this. But to add the buttons we can use "AddCommandControl" and can handle the button. If I want to implement similar to this AddHyperlinkControl and want to handle can any suggest how i can achieve it. My goal is I want to handle the click event of that hyperlink. Please share your suggestions if any one tried this.

Hi I am mainly looking for button alternative with hyperlink. Please share your suggestions.

Thanks a lot. Haranadh.

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If you would want to have a hyperlinks in a dialog and would want to handle the click event on it, You should be using SysLink common control (CLinkCtrl)... Check this out -> SysLink common control

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thanks a lot for reply. –  Haranadh Gupta Dec 30 '10 at 7:16

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