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I am working on a Wordpress-based project, and I just added a new template to the installation by uploading a template file. I was creating a new page that will use my new template, when suddenly, the "Template" dropdown in the "Page Attributes" box is gone.

I am using Wordpress 3.0.1.

Update: I saw a site which told me to revert to the default template, and back to my custom template. Apparently it worked, but I am still baffled on what triggers this bug. Also, any additional knowledge or pointers on this bug would be a great help since my job requires me to patch this (and possibly submit the bug fix to Wordpress). Thanks!

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If you have disabled or removed the style.css from the template directory then also it will not work.

So there must be the style.css on template directory then the templates directory will be shown. When you try to remove the style.css from the template directory or using style.css from css folder, then you must be put one style.css on template directory.


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Morichika is spot on, I had the same problem but it then all sorted itself out by doing

<?php /** * Template Name: Front Page */ ?>

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I have found a different solution for this. I reactivated my custom theme but then problem persisted.. then in the top most section of the code for the custom page template where it actually defines the name of the template like this:

     Template Name: Front Page

I did this:

    * Template Name: Front Page

Then refreshed the admin panel and it appeared.Seems a bit weird but it worked for me. Feel happy to share this.

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I had the exact same problem with WordPress 3.2.1. I added a new template and the menu disappeared from the page add/edit screen. The solution was to switch back to the default twentyeleven theme end then right back to my custom theme. The templates drop-down began appearing again.

BTW, you said "revert to the default template, and back to my custom template" but I'm pretty sure you meant theme. I'm guessing where you saw this was here:


Looks like this bug has existed for a couple of years at least. I filed a report: http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/18324

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