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I worked for a company that had both Java and .NET implementations of an application. The app allowed for end-user customization of processing and business rules using scripts. The Java version supported JavaScript using the Rhino engine. The .NET app required VBScript. I would like to do something similar using .NET, but I would prefer to use JavaScript. I have searched but I am having a hard time finding anything like Rhino that will work within the .NET runtime. Do any of you know of or have experience using a JavaScript engine in .NET?

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You should probably use JScript - Microsoft's implementation of JavaScript, which is a full .NET language.

EDIT: it turns out the question is a duplicate. Some specific suggestions: use Managed JScript, or use MSScriptControl.ScriptControlClass in JScript mode.

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What would I use to interpret the JScript? I'm looking for a .NET library that could take the script and interpret it on the server to allow end-user scripting capabilities. –  Andrew Van Slaars Dec 30 '08 at 22:29
@Andrew: I linked to a previous question (with answers) and to some specific possible solutions. –  orip Dec 31 '08 at 8:49

You can use Rhino on .NET with IKVM.NET. I did it once it was very simple; you download the jar files and you generate dlls using IKVM.NET. Then you reference the dlls as usual.

You should check Iron JS. It is a fully .NET solution running on the DLR.

V8 should work ok as well: http://javascriptdotnet.codeplex.com/

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