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The following query is something i inherited from an old app that adds 2 attributes to an excel stored in the database.

   row_number() over(order by id) as num
   , [id] as mailsort
   , 0 as pages
   , [xmlRecord].query('/sst-statement/*') 
FROM  dbo.RPA200_preproc AS [sst-statement] 
WHERE rpatype = 201 
ORDER BY id for xml auto

returns an XML starting with

<sst-statement num="1" mailsort="32" pages="0">

now, the SQL would need to be translated to a LINQ statement. Is that possible similar to this query or would it be better to retrieve the XML from database and then change the XML?

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row_number() over(order by id) as num,
[id] as mailsort,
0 as pages,
FROM  dbo.RPA200_preproc as [sst-statement]
where rpatype = 201
order by id for xml auto

turned into

int i=0;
var Query =
FROM I in dbo.RPA200_preproc
WHERE rpatype = 201
order by id
foreach(var Item in Query)
    new XElement("sst-statement", new XAttribute("num", i), new XAttribute("mailsort" = Item), new XAttribute("Pages",(int)0));

I think :)

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thanks for the answer. i can't test it at the moment, due to other work having passed this. i will test it as soon as i can. –  Andy Dec 17 '10 at 14:39

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