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I'm having trouble getting an externally loaded SVG to do what I want it to with Keith Wood's SVG library.

I can load an external SVG fine with:

$(document).ready ( function () {  
            loadURL: 'my_file.svg',  
            onLoad: my_function,  
            settings: {}  

I can get my_function working fine. I just can't get selectors working properly.

My externally-loaded SVG takes the form:

<g id="parent_id">
  <path id = "child_1_id"  />
  <path id="child_2_id" />
  etc.  </g>

I can colour the whole parent_id element fine with:'#parent_id {fill: blue}')

But when I try:'#child_id {fill: blue}')

nothing happens.'g> path {fill: blue}')'g#parent_id > path {fill: blue}')

both work fine - no problem. But the minute I introduce #child_id, for instance:'g#parent_id > path#child_id {fill: blue}')

nothing happens. I want to be able to style all the child_id elements separately. What am I missing?

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Is it normal that your svg got child_1_id & child_2_id but you use #child_id in your script ? It's definitively not the same... – Shikiryu Oct 21 '10 at 14:38
Sorry. Transcription error. The code I'm trying to run is: – jonnyrichards Oct 21 '10 at 17:20'g#parent_id > path#child_1_id {fill: blue}') – jonnyrichards Oct 21 '10 at 17:21

If your child ID is unique through the whole svg document, you could use the following jquery selector:

var selector = 'svg path[id="child_1_id"]';
$(selector).attr('fill', 'blue');
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