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I was interested in seeing how my PS3 synchronised with its sixaxis controller. Whenever you want to use a new controller on the PS3, you have to pair it with the ps3 via USB.

So i thought i'd try some usb sniffing to find out what goes on during the process (in the hope i may be able to emulate it with other devices). The only thing is i dont know how to connect my linux pc to my PS3 so I can run the usb sniffing software. I mean the when the ps3 connects to the controller it's via USB, which is closed and not connected to my PC in any way, so i cannot record the data transmission without actually connecting my PC to the the PS3(which i'm not sure is possible)

Does anyone know of a method (apart from the beagle Usb analyser, $400 is beyond my budget and then some) to allow me to see what data is transferred during pairing, using my linux pc.

PS, I could also use a windows PC, and i'll take any suggestions as long as i don't have to fork out $400 for it ;)

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