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I am trying to get the GPS location in a widget application on a blackberry, but the API always returns a latitude and longitude of 0,0.

Simulator: storm 2 (9550)/ bold(9700) and OS: 5.0/5.0


the html page code as below:

var modeCellsite   = 0;
var modeAssisted   = 1;
var modeAutonomous = 2;

function locationChanged()

    alert("Lat " + blackberry.location.latitude +
          " Lon " + blackberry.location.longitude +
          " Time " + blackberry.location.timestamp );
    return true;

if ( window.blackberry && blackberry.location.GPSSupported )
    var isUpdated = false;
    var theCount = 0;
    alert("Location tracking is supported");
    while ( theCount++ < 10 && !isUpdated )
        isUpdated = blackberry.location.refreshLocation();
    document.write("Location tracking is not supported");
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I have the same problem, with slightly different but spritually simial js. – Nilloc Dec 7 '10 at 21:36

Make sure you turned ON GPS in the SIM before running your widget.

For Example in the simulator goto:
    Simulate -> GPS Location...
    Under Route Click "add"
    Choice Random Route Generator
       Number of Legs 1000
       Travel Time 600
       click OK
    Click Play arrow
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This doesn't change anything for me... I think that setting a location should work as well as sending it on a huge path. – Nilloc Dec 7 '10 at 21:37
@Nilloc I was just pointing out that you should make sure to turn on the sim's GPS otherwise you will get 0,0 (the default location). The reason for using a "huge path" is your users are never going to be standing still so you should be testing a path not a single location. I will say that in Java it takes several seconds to get an updated location, so I don't think calling refreshlocation() in a tight loop is going to do much. I believe the examples I have seen show it being called once and then again inside of the locationChanged() handler. – eSniff Dec 8 '10 at 0:04

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