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I am trying to get the most recent data item from the datastore. I am trying to apply the method as explained here but I am getting the object <__main__.Rep object at 0x075F1730> not the item. Can anyone explain what I am doing wrong?

The Model is:

class Rep(db.Model):
    sent = db.StringProperty()
    time = db.DateTimeProperty(auto_now_add=True)

This is the handler:

class Repeater(webapp.RequestHandler):
    def get(self):        
        reps = Rep()
        reps.sent = self.request.get('sentence')

        s = self.request.get('sentence')             

        query = reps.all()
        last = query.order('-time').get()
        sentences = query


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I don't see anything wrong at all.

<__main__.Rep object at 0x075F1730> is presumably an instance of your Rep class, as expected.

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Thanks. I think the problem is I want to compare "s" -the item entered- to the last item in the datastore "last". But this does not work because "last" is the object and "s" is a string. Does this make sense? – Zeynel Oct 21 '10 at 16:17
Compare s to last.sent – Drew Sears Oct 21 '10 at 16:55
Great, thanks. Can you explain why "last" is the object but "last.sent" is a string. I am confused about this. – Zeynel Oct 21 '10 at 17:24
Rep is a class, last is an instance of the class, and sent is a method. You can find explanations of each concept @… – Drew Sears Oct 21 '10 at 19:30
+1 for patience – Adam Crossland Oct 21 '10 at 19:41

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