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When using Alt-Insert to insert a dependency into the POM, the Artifact Search is always completely blank regardless of what I search for.

I tried to add repo1 to Settings->Maven->Repository Services, it says "no repository found." I find that hard to believe.

I've also tried to "update" my local repository but that results in an error.

FYI I'm using Community Edition Snapshot.


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Weird. The Artifact Search is working fine for me with IntelliJ Community Edition, at least for artifacts from the central repo that has been indexed:

alt text

And as you can see above, all repositories declared in POMs known by IntelliJ are listed.

There might be something wrong with your Maven settings. This is a wild guess but is your Maven home directory properly defined? Same for the user settings file? Is Maven actually working fine under IntelliJ?

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If you have a brand new IntelliJ install and have never updated your Maven Repository, notice that there is a little "Update" button to the right that becomes clickable when you click on each repository. Build, Execution, Deployment > Build Tools > Maven > Repositories The important one is the remote repository, make sure you update it.

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OK, I solved it for good.

I had used Artifactory to generate a settings.xml for me, and by default it pointed me to the "libs-releases" repository.

Instead want my "releases" repository to point to the much larger virtual repository "remote-repos."

All it took was a simple change to the options of the "Generate Settings" function. Need to change the "Releases" repository to a big one.  We can use "Snapshots to point to our own builds"

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It appears to be a blocked port, as I am using my own artifactory repository. Of course, the port it is using looks to be completely undocumented, but WireShark shows it to be 58754. Sounds random, I hope it isn't!

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