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I have code like

ClockService mockClockService = createMock( ClockService.class );

Long timeFirstNodeCreated = new Date().getTime();
expect( mockClockService.getNow() ).andReturn( timeFirstNodeCreated ) ;        

Long timeFirstNodeDeleted = new Date().getTime();
expect( mockClockService.getNow() ).andReturn( timeFirstNodeDeleted ) ;

I'd like Eclipse to suspend the program any time mockClockService.getNow() is called. However, since ClockService is an interface, I can't set a breakpoint on ClockService.getNow() and since mockClockService is an EasyMock proxy, I can't set a breakpoint on the expect lines either.

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I guess you could use the andAnswer (or andDelegateTo) method to respond to getNow() calls; you'd write an implementation of IAnswer (or ClockService) and set a breakpoint in your implementation. As in:

expect( mockClockService.getNow() ).andAnswer( new IAnswer<Long>() {
   public Long answer() throws Throwable {
      return WHATEVER_YOUR_WANT;  // Put your breakpoint on this line

That ought to do it.

But maybe you want to say more about why you want to do this? It suggests that you might have a design problem...

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