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I have a build task in rake defined with the following dependencies:

desc 'Builds the App'
task :rebuild_dev => ["solr:start", "db:drop", "db:create", "db:migrate", "spec", "solr:stop"]

The first task "solr:start" starts the Solr Indexing server. Now, if the build fails (may be in spec tests fail), the "solr:stop" task is not executed. And the server is not stopped.

Is there any way to specify a clean-up task or a task that always runs even if one of the dependent tasks fail? In my case, to always ensure that "solr:stop" executes...

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You just need use the ensure system of Ruby

desc "Builds the App"
task :rebuild_dev do
    ["solr:start", "db:drop", "db:create", "db:migrate", "spec"].each do |t|
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Thanks for the response. One thing to note is it is better to run invoke on the tasks rather than execute. Coz invoke will execute the dependencies as well. –  dexter Oct 22 '10 at 17:14

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