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For an iPhone app, I'm going to need to display read-only tabular data in a grid format. This data could potentially have many rows and columns.

I could use UITableView, but the problem is the data will most likely be very wide and require scrolling.

Is there a way to put a UITableView in a UIScrollView and allow zooming and scolling x and y, but still take advantage of reusable UITableView cells? I assume putting a huge UITableView in a UIScrollView would not take advantage of the cell reuse (virtualization).

Or am I better off using UIWebView and a HTML table?

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A webView with HTML tables would likely use more memory, but end up being a lot easier to code and debug than 2D cells inside a tableView inside a scrollView.

Another option for a really large table might be a tiled scrollView where you only render the visible tiles (and release and/or reuse the offscreen tiles).

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I think I am going to compare the performance of each. Is there an example out there for going the native iPhone route? HTML should be pretty simple. –  jonathanpeppers Oct 21 '10 at 21:18
I got it to work natively, wasn't too difficult. Used an outer UIScrollView for zooming and h-scrolling only, while UITableView handles scrolling vertically. This allows table cells to be reused effectively. I was also able to use the header of the UITableView to display a nice "sticky" column header. –  jonathanpeppers Oct 22 '10 at 21:02
I'm mark you as the answer, as it was the only help. –  jonathanpeppers Oct 22 '10 at 21:03

If you're still looking for a native solution, you might consider this iOS data grid - even though it's not free, it's quite full featured.

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