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Hey I am using struts2 and acegi.I am new to both of these.In my application which i have wrote using struts,i need to add security feature.For this I am using acegi(spring security). For which I have mapped acegi filter in web.xml along with mapping of struts filter.Both struts and acegi seems to be working fine except when acegi direct user to login page and once user has submitted the form it throws an error "There is no Action mapped for namespace / and action name j_acegi_security_check"

I am sorry as my question may appear vague.If you get the question plz reply what could be the reason.Also I am not sure wether this way of integrating acegi and struts is fine or not.If it is not then plz direct me too a good resource for that. Thanks in advance.

see my web.xml here


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Not sure if you have seen this link, which seems to describe one possible cause and solution.

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