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I'm using the official Adobe Facebook API in my Flash/AS3 application and for some reason the call the /me/picture seems to fail whereas the the call the /me/friends seems to work just fine:

This works OK:

Facebook.api('/me/friends', onFriendsLoaded );

protected function onFriendsLoaded( response:Object, fail:Object ) : void
   // I can get the friends from the response object

This fails:

Facebook.api('/me/picture', onPictureLoaded );

protected function onPictureLoaded( response:Object, fail:Object ) : void
   // Here response is null and fail is ÿØÿà

I'm calling both methods right after each other. What could be the problem?

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The /me/picture call is actually not an api call at all. is the url of the photo. You can actually set an image to that url. I am not an expert in Flash, but if you were doing this in html you would do the following:

<img src="" />

This would show the users picture. Additionally, if you wanted to download the picture's bytes you would just make a normal web request. The response stream would be the image file.

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Thanks. That makes perfect sense actually. – Luke Oct 21 '10 at 23:07

Try this way

function onPictureLoaded(response:Object,fail:Object):void{

if (fail)
 var friends = response as Array;
 var l:int = friends.length;
 for (var i:int=0; i < l; i++)
 trace("" + friends[i].id + "/picture/")
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