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Im having a serious problem with a prestashop shipping module for FedEx. I know this might not the place for this, but Im really running out of options. Was wondering if I could get some help...

First of all Prestashop is a open source E-commerce platform. Now the problem is it has POOR shipping module capabilities. I was on the search for a real time shipping module. I finally found one here. I got it to work on the previous version of Prestashop (1.3.1), but upon upgrading to version 1.3.2 the module won't work.

The Fedex module uses two modified core files (Carrier.php and fedexRate.php). And there is the module folder consisting of (blockfedex.php, fedex-common.php, fedexInstall.sql, RateService_v6.wsdl, RateService_v6-test.wsdl, and rate-test.php)

Im not sure what coding I need to provide so that I can get some help, but please!!

The prestashop platform is free and easy to install (here). Can someone please take a look at this issue for me.

I appreciate any help on this issue.

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I have created a Fedex module which supports PS 1.3.2 and uses the latest Fedex API.

Check it out at (A UPS module is also available, and USPS is on it's way)

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Thanks a lot. This was after I found about your app. It's a small web after all. – gdinari Dec 4 '10 at 20:58

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