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how to return the correct representation based on URI


/text.json should return json

/text.xml should return xml

/text should return plain text

All these are mapped to the same method

@GET public Contact getContacts() {


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If you are creating webservice as opposed to user facing service you might want considering content type negotiation (@Produces annotation in JAX-RS). This would leave you with single uri /text and content type will be declared in request headers (this is more RESTful aproach). – Jonas Dec 13 '13 at 7:29

The answer can be found in this post:

Essentially you configure a ResourceConfig

You need to extend an implementation of ResourceConfig [1] and override the media type mappings method.

For example you can do the following:

package foo;

public class MyResourceConfig extends PackagesResourceConfig {
    public PackagesResourceConfig(Map<String, Object> props) {

    public Map<String, MediaType> getMediaTypeMappings() {
        Map<String, MediaType> m = new HashMap<String, MediaType> ();
        m.put("json", MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_TYPE);
        m.put("xml", MediaType.APPLICATION_XML_TYPE);
        return m;

and you can register your "MyResourceConfig" as described here:

In the above example your web.xml would need to container:

         <servlet-name>Jersey Web Application</servlet-name>
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