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I was wondering what are Facebook limitations. My client wants such project:

App allows user to post photo on their facebook page and share it with their friends with a message.

Can Facebook API allow all these steps to be accomplished?

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I'm quite certain that there is no function in the Facebook API to merge the face of a user with a picture of a monkey. – FacticiusVir Oct 22 '10 at 0:23
I was more concerned about the #3 task. – Gajus Kuizinas Oct 22 '10 at 0:29

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Yes, API provides it via REST: - to upload a photo - to publish it on the user's wall

Or the same with Graph:

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Can I use IFRAME integration or XFBML is sufficient? – Gajus Kuizinas Oct 22 '10 at 1:00
Sure, you are free to choose any canvas type you want. – zerkms Oct 22 '10 at 1:29

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