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I'm doing a bookmarking system and looking for the fastest (easiest) way to retrieve a page's title with PHP.

It would be nice to have something like $title = page_title($url)

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    function page_title($url) {
        $fp = file_get_contents($url);
        if (!$fp) 
            return null;

        $res = preg_match("/<title>(.*)<\/title>/siU", $fp, $title_matches);
        if (!$res) 
            return null; 

        // Clean up title: remove EOL's and excessive whitespace.
        $title = preg_replace('/\s+/', ' ', $title_matches[1]);
        $title = trim($title);
        return $title;

Gave 'er a whirl on the following input:

print page_title("http://www.google.com/");

Outputted: Google

Hopefully general enough for your usage. If you need something more powerful, it might not hurt to invest a bit of time into researching HTML parsers.

EDIT: Added a bit of error checking. Kind of rushed the first version out, sorry.

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Great! That's good. –  Queeken Dec 30 '08 at 2:26
I'm relatively sure that will produce an error if the pattern isn't found. Initialise $title first, assign preg_match() to a boolean and check for that before attempting to access the first element of the $title_matches array. –  scronide Jan 2 '09 at 19:46
Oh. Too right. If preg_match doesn't get a result, the reference to $title_matches will barf. Will tidy up a bit. –  Ed Carrel Jan 7 '09 at 1:12

or making this simple function slightly more bullet proof:

function page_title($url) {

    $page = @file_get_contents($url);

    if (!$page) return null;

    $matches = array();

    if (preg_match('/<title>(.*?)<\/title>/', $page, $matches)) {
        return $matches[1];
    else {
        return null;

echo page_title('http://google.com');
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Yeah, I got caught once by a page with two title tags. Add the question mark after the asterisk. –  AmbroseChapel Dec 30 '08 at 12:06


Use cURL to get the $htmlSource variable's contents.

preg_match('/<title>(.*)<\/title>/iU', $htmlSource, $titleMatches);


see what you have in that array.

Most people say for HTML traversing though you should use a parser as regexs can be unreliable.

The other answers provide more detail :)

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perhaps it should be changed to non greedy to make it safer –  Alexei Tenitski Dec 30 '08 at 2:11
But how do I get hold of $htmlSource? –  Queeken Dec 30 '08 at 2:11
In this case I think it can be safely assumed that a parser would be overkill. /agree on the non-greedy matching –  Will Bickford Dec 30 '08 at 2:13
You can grab $htmlSource with curl or fopen. –  Will Bickford Dec 30 '08 at 2:13
i made some edits.. thanks for the input guys –  alex Dec 30 '08 at 2:26

I like using SimpleXml with regex's, this is from a solution I use to grab multiple link headers from a page in an OpenID library I've created. I've adapted it to work with the title (even though there is usually only one).

function getTitle($sFile)
    $sData = file_get_contents($sFile);

    if(preg_match('/<head.[^>]*>.*<\/head>/is', $sData, $aHead))
        $sDataHtml = preg_replace('/<(.[^>]*)>/i', strtolower('<$1>'), $aHead[0]);
        $xTitle = simplexml_import_dom(DomDocument::LoadHtml($sDataHtml));

        return (string)$xTitle->head->title;
    return null;

echo getTitle('http://stackoverflow.com/questions/399332/fastest-way-to-retrieve-a-title-in-php');

Ironically this page has a "title tag" in the title tag which is what sometime causes problems with the pure regex solutions.

This solution is not perfect as it lowercase's the tags which could cause a problem for the nested tag if formatting/case was important (such as XML), but there are ways that are a bit more involved around that problem.

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