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I tried to make this to work, but I got "uninitialized constant ActionWebService" error when I use standard (old) actionwebservice, but if I install datanoise's actionwebservice gem I can't settup project properly to use them (in Gemfile with gem Bundler).

There is a alternative? Someone make this think to work?

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As I understand datanoise's gem is not rails 3 compatible. On the github Page it says that it's version 2.3.2. However here is a rails 3 fork

Why can't you use ActiveResource? Do you have some sort of specific requirement not to use REST?

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Quite a few people on github have forked the datanoise 2.3.2 actionwebservice, and have Rails3-compatible versions. Not sure which one works best, but I know this one does:

gem 'actionwebservice', :git => "git://"

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I tried with dnordberg's gem since i am a relative newby to RoR (not to programming though), I am not very sure what other missing steps are. I added AWS gem, SOAP4R ( and followed the instruction here:…. But I just cant get the WS to work. I keep getting route error. (apparently rails hasn't recognised it as a WS yet, and hence looking for appropriate routes?). Will you able to provide a quick run down on the steps needed on rails 3.x ? Thanks! – thanikkal Oct 24 '11 at 13:29

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