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I am using nyroModal to display a lightbox when an image in thumbnail gallery is clicked on.

The thumbnail gallery is created from AJAX which sets each thumbnail to link to a javascript function passing 3 URLs. One for the large version or the image, one for the next image in the gallery and one for the previous image.

This is the javascript function:

function imgClicked(imgUrl, nextUrl, prevUrl)
  width: null,  // imgWidth
    height: null,   // imgHeight 
    minWidth: 111, 
    minHeight: 74,
  galleryLinks: '<a href="' + prevUrl + '" class="nyroModalPrev">Prev</a><a href="' + nextUrl + '"  class="nyroModalNext">Next</a>'

       content: imgUrl

The lightbox pops up fine and show the desired image but I can not get the it to display a link to click on the next or prev images. I am using 'galleryLinks' in the nyroModal settings to dynamically set these but it does not seem to work.

You can see the problem in action here: http://www.urban-provocations.com/

Any help would be much appreciated.

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