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I am stuck with this problem and not getting any idea about this.?

I do have some images in the application, and I want to insert some text in to that images which I take as input from the user?

I don't have any idea how to accomplish this task? Is it possible or not.

Basic Idea is : I do have images in to the application resources. I want to insert text at certain place or at some cordinate. Lets say, User insert: Merry Christmas, so the text get include in the image. at specific cordinate of the image.

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Do you want to save the images with text input by the user? If not not then you can simply add label on imageView

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yeah obviously I want to save this image with its original dimensions..! thanks for the reply. – Arpan Oct 23 '10 at 8:44
I think the best would be to save the screenshot of image with text.& renaming the existing the image with the same name as previous one – Swastik Oct 25 '10 at 3:37

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