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I am trying to develop a Facebook application for Android. I am unable to integrate the "Add Comment" feature to photos in Facebook Albums. Using the Graph API, I can show the previously made comments on a photo. However, I just can't add new comments to a photo.

Can somebody provide me some helpful advice?

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here is simple example on doing that..

// post comment to single photo
        Bundle parameters = new Bundle();
        String target = "";

        target = "<PHOTO_ID>/comments";
        parameters.putString("message", "post Comment testing");
        mAsyncRunner.request(target, parameters, "POST", new FacebookRequestListener(target+" (post comment)"));

and here is a simple example for the listener (you can get this from examples of facebook-android-sdk too)

public class FacebookRequestListener extends BaseRequestListener {

        String caller = "default";
        public FacebookRequestListener() {
        public FacebookRequestListener(String caller) {
            this.caller = caller;

        public void onComplete(final String response) {
            try {

                Log.d(TAG, "FacebookRequestListener|"+caller+":" + response);
            } catch (Exception e) {
                Log.w(TAG, "Error:"+e.getMessage());
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its works for me thank you so much.... –  Manoj Kumar Mar 15 '13 at 12:40

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