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Can anyone point me at an application to display/view a rolling log file as it is being written to?

I know there are apps out there, but googling just gives me questions about writing to/creating the logs. [This is Windows, not Unix]

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I've tried Powershell: "get-content c:\log\logfile.log -Wait" but this doesn't appear to update dynamically –  BlueChippy Oct 22 '10 at 9:57

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There is a free version if you don't mind a small delay while it displays the splash screen or you can pay $25 to remove the delay or $35 for BaretailPro which also allows you to search the log files.

I use BaretailPro on my own machine and the free version of Baretail if I am working on a customer's computer.

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You could try the tail tool, with follow option.

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Log4View can do that but it is commercial. Another idea would be to configure a UDP appender, then you can use log2console.

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tail -f /path/to/log 

will show the last 10 or so lines of the log and then show you any new lines written to the log as they are written

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